Start of the BIM Project

To begin the development of a project in an Open BIM environment, in principle, users do not strictly have to generate an IFC file with the 3D model of the project.

First steps in the development of a project.

Create and share

The development of a project that is integrated in the Open BIM workflow begins with the creation of a directory in which all the information of the project will be stored.

This directory is linked to the platform and can be shared with the collaborators that will form the working team.

Using the desktop application:, we can choose where the project files will be stored and when the information will be updated.


Physical 3D model

In the proposed workflow, the 3D model is generated using the contributions of the applications in a progressive way, its complexity increases as the level of details of the project increases.

This model can be viewed by all the members of the team from the specialised applications, to then solve their part of the project depending on the conditions of the model.

This way, each specialist works freely and in an autonomous manner on the part of the model which she/he has been assigned. When its solution has been established, a file will be exported with the information that defines that project element, which will be incorporated automatically to the physical model.

IFC Builder

To start with 3D model of the project, any modelling software can be used, since only an IFC format file of the project is required to integrate itself in the Open BIM flow.

Amongst all those programs is the free distribution application IFC Builder. It is an application for building 3D modelling integrated in the Open BIM workflow through the export of IFC files.

This tool, in a simple and intuitive way, is capable of generating the information that is required to start a BIM project, consisting of construction elements, equipment, spaces and use units.

Additionally, it can be downloaded for free in the Store section.


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