Specialised applications

The specialised applications are destined for the design, analysis and code justification of each aspect of the project.

Uses specific tools to obtain specific results.

Multidisciplinary development

Via these applications, each authorised user can load the project model and work on it.

The same way as the 3D model can be viewed, each application that is integrated in the Open BIM flow, shows and integrates the solutions each specialist establishes. This way, each user defines their speciality with great precision, as well as avoiding any possible interference between disciplines, by being able to check in real time that there are no inconsistencies with the rest of the fields.

Therefore, the BIM model is built in a collaborative way as the solutions of each discipline of the project are defined and shared.


Connection between models

Via these applications, a link is created between the design model and the analysis models, which allows all the members of the team to work with the same information. Therefore, each time member adds or modifies an aspect of their model, it is automatically incorporated to the BIM model and shared with the other users.

This way, problems associated with modified versions and possible inconsistencies between the models are avoided, since each specialist provides the solutions regarding his/her discipline independently, and taking into account at all times the work that has been carried out by the other colleagues when any decisions have to be made.

Specific documents

In the Open BIM flow, the solutions adopted for each of the fields that are covered are obtained through the use of applications that are specifically designed to obtain those results, and not using a single generic BIM application. Additionally, all of this project information is shown integrated and as a whole in each of these specialised applications.

Through this information consolidation process, the applications have the capacity to generate highly specific results such as drawings, circuit diagrams, reports or bills of quantities, in which all the data that makes up the project will be shown.


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