IFC file export

The applications that form part of the Open BIM flow can export a file in IFC format with the project elements they have each generated and integrate them in the BIM model.

Manages the information of your projects in open formats.

Types of information

The information generated by the different applications can be linked to existing elements that have been introduced previously in the project, such as thermal loads in rooms or spaces of the building, or they can be new project entities, such as structural elements, general equipment, construction elements, etc.

This way, all that information is incorporated in the BIM model, which enriches and gradually completes it, as these elements are generated by the team members.


Interaction between disciplines

One of the main theoretical advantages of the BIM work flows is the interaction there can be between the different disciplines that intervene in the project.

This interaction can be not only at the physical properties level of the elements, but also at the results level. In other words, they can reach a very specific level, which is hard to achieve with a generic BIM application.

However, with the Open BIM workflow, by keeping the analysis models separate and working with open format files, all the specialists are able to work in the same direction, and integrate all the elements, properties and results in a single area of work.

Open format files

Upon working with standard interchange files, any application of any developer can be integrated in the Open BIM flow, and furthermore, the durability of the work that has been carried out is guaranteed, since these formats are independent from the software tools with which they were generated.

Therefore, there is no need to create a specific program for the applications that are to be integrated in the proposed workflow, since it is enough to read and save the information in the standard formats that are used.


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