BIM model consolidation

As the project advances, the information that constitutes the BIM model is increased using the IFC files that are generated by all the specialised applications.

Consolidation of all the information of the BIM project.

Set of files

The BIM model does not consist of a single IFC file, but is a group of files, consisting of the IFC file of the physical model plus all those generated by the different users, using the specialised applications, because together, they form the complete BIM project.

In other words, the BIM model on which users work includes all the information that is produced as the development of the project progresses.

This way of working guarantees the stability of the analysis models and design model. Furthermore, all of them are constantly being checked by the team member who is responsible for them and, consequently a clear delimitation of the responsibilities is established.


Data as the main element

This consolidation process establishes that the information in IFC format, which forms the project, exclusively defines the project, and therefore, the specific tools and programs used to create it are auxiliary elements that can be changed or eliminated during the life span of the project.

The consolidation consists in including, in a single BIM model, by interchanging files, all the information of the solutions adopted for each element that forms part of the project.

Furthermore, this information consolidation allows for the complete project to be generated, as a whole, and therefore detect, any possible interferences between the solutions that have been adopted.

Content reduced to the essentials

These IFC format files do not include specific information on the elements that make up the project; all the data is generated and stored in the specialised applications.

In other words, each member only shares the results and adopted solutions, whilst the data that has been introduced, the work methodology and intermediate results remain in the private domain of the specialist.

By working in this way, the load is significantly reduced, as is the size of the files users have to manage, since each member is only in charge of the part of the project which she/he is responsible for.


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