What is SketchUp?

Sketchup Pro enables you to design, document and communicate your vision in 3D.
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How Sketchup Pro will benefit you:

  • Produce scaled, accurate drawings – you can use LayOut to draw plans and title blocks
  • Generate professional presentation documents – using LayOut you can create vector illustrations, slide presentations and more
  • Create impressive and persuasive walkthroughs – you can create animated walkthroughs and flyovers.
  • Easy to learn – you can get good, fast
  • Think in 3D – the software can be used as an extension of your hand. Draw anything you want, however you want. You are in control
  • Create accurate, highly detailed models

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SketchUp Pro Features:

  • The 3D Warehouse – you can find a 3D model of anything from our trusted manufacturer partners. The 3D Warehouse is the world’s biggest library of free 3D models. When you upload your models to 3D Warehouse, clients and collaborators can view them on Sketchup Mobile Viewer App
  • Sketchup turn models into documents – you can turn your 3D models into professional 2D drawings
  • Customise your Sketchup – you can add hundreds of extensions, or add-on tools, that solve 3D modeling problems

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