CYPE: Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

CYPE is a company that develops and distributes technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals

It occupies a leading position within the sector, offering a variety of programs that stand out due to the wide range of casuistry that is dealt with, the reliability of the results and the ease with which they can be managed.

90.000 users throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Asia have already acquired over 100.000 programs. Amongst their clients are:

  • town councils
  • ministries
  • technical control organizations
  • universities
  • professional offices

Advantage of Using CYPE

Some of the advantages of using CYPE are:

  • The main common advantage is that there is a direct connection between all project members.
  • CYPE programs have a wide range of national and international codes available which are applied to carry out the analysis, design and check of reinforced concrete, rolled steel, welded steel, cold-formed steel, composite, aluminum and timber structures for gravitational, wind, seismic and snow loads.
  • You can show your projects to the owner, client, etc. using your smartphone or laptop browser.


There are many applications that you will find in the store, related to architecture:

  • Developing the 3D model in Revit, the way to send that model to is using Plugin Open BIM – Revit
  • another option is you use IFC Builder to model the architecture, this software it is free (it will help you to easily model not complex buildings) another advantage of using IFC Builder is that it automatically generates the edges for acoustic and thermal analysis and also it generates the natural lighting shading.
  • Open BIM Model Checker
  • In case of using Revit there is a new application that it may be very interesting for you! It is called Open BIM Quantities. Generation of bills of quantities based on BIM models in IFC format.
  • Open BIM Layout. Composition of drawings with views and sections that have been created based on BIM models.

Using Platform you can automatically see your model in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Take a look on this video: Revit projects in Augmented Reality with AR.

Building Services

CYPE’s building services programs contain design codes which are used to analyse and design building services (water supply, waste water, air conditioning, solar capture for hot sanitary water, lightning protection, lighting, gas, electricity and telecommunication installations), and to check thermal and acoustic insulation, the building’s energy certification and fire safety.

Open BIM Systems (customised software, equipment catalog integrated in the BIM workflow) have been developed for Fujitsu, Daikin, Midea, Toshiba, S&P, Saint-Gobain etc.


CYPETHERM Software for cooling and heating loads based on the ASHRAE ™ Radiant Time Series (RTSM) Method and a weather Data Viewer 4.0 database with 5,564 stations located around the world.


CYPEPLUMBING allows for a part or all of the installations to be designed of any type of building, and the different networks can be organised in layers and managed in 2D or 3D.

CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic fire extinguishing installations, created to design hydraulic networks for fire protection using sprinklers and fire hose reels.

Hydraulic design of grid and branch systems,  Horizontal and vertical pipes,  Flow and minimum pressure in the sprinklers, Distribution of the sprinklers, Maximum allowable distance between sprinklers, Maximum distance between the sprinklers and the wall, Design of the tank, Design of the fire hose reels.


Structral Engineering

CYPECAD and CYPE 3D are CYPE’s flagship products. These programs started being developed 20 years ago! If you have experience with other programs, I am sure you will learn to use them very quickly.  For example, in South America this software is used in almost every country, for example in Brazil we have more than 1000 customers who have bought the complete Structures Group.

CYPECAD, CYPE3D and StruBIM are the tools for structural design and calculation.



CYPECAD was brought about to carry out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical forces, for houses, buildings and civil work projects. More about CYPECAD.         


CYPE 3D is an agile and efficient program brought about to carry out structural calculations in 3 dimensions of bars made up of steel, timber, aluminum, concrete or any other material, including the foundations with pad footings, piles and strap and tie beams. If the structure consists of timber, steel or aluminum bars, the program can redesign them and so obtain their maximum optimization. More about CYPE 3D.

StruBIM Rebar

BIM modeling of reinforcement in reinforced concrete structural elements. More about StruBIM Rebar.