Brighter Graphics has joined forces with CYPE in Spain to offer an affordable and easy to use all-in-one BIM solution to all our customers.


With you can manage, share and update your architecture, engineering and construction projects in the cloud. Additionally, using GDPR compliant Open BIM technology, they can be integrated into a collaborative, open and coordinated workflow amongst all the technical designers that are part of the work team.–

How much does it cost?

Basic access to is free – just sign up to get 1 GB of space and start uploading and collaborating on your files. To get you started, there’s some demo projects to dig around in that help you understand how everything works.

When you need more space or want to add more team members, there’s plans available starting at just GBP 20 per month.


Develop your Open BIMprojects is the best platform to develop and coordinate your Open BIM projects and collaborate from ANY device.


Connect with other professionals from your sector is a platform where all construction professionals can collaborate and connect using Open BIM standards.


Download  specialised applications offers a marketplace for specialised software applications from different developers for every imaginable project requirement  mobile


Manage your projects anywhere

Using the application, you can manage and consult the projects that are being developed on the platform in an agile an intuitive manner.

The main features include the possibility to view and share the attached files and check if your smartphone contacts have a account to add them to your list.

Keep all your information up-to-date

Using the updating service in the cloud that is provided by, you can manage and share all your BIM project files, keep all the information up-to-date at all times and work on several devices simultaneously.


Virtual Reality


Browse directly through your projects

From VR, you can access the projects that are being developed on the platform from a completely virtual environment. Thanks to the direct connection to, you can manage your projects in virtual reality, without having to perform any previous steps.

Perform a detailed inspection of your BIM projects

Once one of your projects has been uploaded to, and using the controls of your virtual reality headset, you can browse through the project, inspect its elements and consult their properties interactively.

Augmented Reality


View your projects with augmented reality

With the AR application, you can browse through your projects and view them in augmented reality. Additionally, you can select which files are to be viewed and check the properties of each of the elements that make up the model.

Enjoy a totally immersive experience

View your models hosted in in augmented reality directly, without having to carry out any previous steps. You can place your models on any type of surface, browse through them and, using multi- touch gestures, move, scale and rotate them.


More than 140 free and paid Applications offers more than 140 specialised applications from many different developers – DWG converters, estimating software, structural engineering, lighting, plumbing and many more …

Get started for free!

A basic account where you can evaluate all online functionality and also download and trial most available applications is completely free!

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